Department of Registered Nurse Education Graduate Follow-up Survey

We need your help to evaluate our program! Please take a moment to respond to this survey.

In what semester did you graduate?

Section 1

In which track were you enrolled?

What is your nursing program degree plan?

Section 2

Program Objectives
  Please evaluate your ability to achieve these objectives in your work setting:
Below Average
Very Inadequate
Utilize the nursing process:
Work as a patient safety advocate:
Utilize nursing roles (provider/coordinator of care and member of a profession):
Utilize critical thinking skills:
Utilize effective communication:
Assume responsibility for planning care:
Appreciate the need for self-evaluation and life-long learning:
Work within the legal/ethical boundaries of the profession:
The nursing program included cultural, ethnic, and socially diverse concepts

Program Satisfaction

How well did the program prepare you for a career in nursing?