RN Exit Evaluation

Department of Nurse Education Student Exit Survey for Vocational Nurse Graduates

We need your help to evaluate our program. Please take a moment to respond to this survey. Completion of this evaluation is a mandatory requirement for graduation. All responses are anonymous and confidential.

In which track were you enrolled?

Section 1: Vocational Nurse Degree Graduate Outcomes

As a new Vocational Nurse graduate how well has this program prepared you to:

Below Average
Very Inadequate
Provide safe, competent, evidence-based care within the scope of vocational nursing practice
Coordinate care with members of the interdisciplinary team, client, and families
Participate in clinical decision  making by integrating critical thinking and the nursing process
Develop and maintain trusting, interpersonal relationships with the interdisciplinary team, clients, and families while incorporating caring behaviors

Program Satisfaction

How well did the program meet your expections?