Sam Longoria -

Vice President, BBVA Compass

One of the most comical things at Del Mar College was having the same teacher as my father. Mrs. Thorpe taught my father for Geology and asked me when she first met me if I had the same bad habit as my father, chewing tobacco! I ensured her I did not and would make sure to get a better grade than my father!


I had a great transition from Foy H. Moody High School to Del Mar College. Teachers and advisors were friendly, helpful, and wanted me to succeed. It took me a little longer than others, but I was able to complete my education by working and taking 2-3 classes per semester. I did not have any school debt, which was also a plus when I completed my degrees. I always enjoy doing something different, and the community always has something going on. I feel fulfilled when I can help improve our community with service and put a smile on someone's face. I am fortunate my fiancé has the same heart.

Sam Longoria
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“If you can get an internship or job in the industry, do it! Don’t wait until you graduate when everybody is applying and nobody has experience. It helps to have work experience.”