Ramona N. Diaz -

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Student

When I tried to raise a child with only a high school diploma, I regretted my earlier failure and made the decision to turn my life around. I wanted a better future for myself and my only daughter. Pamela Wilder, the childcare director, helped me apply for a childcare scholarship, inspired me, and provided the comfort I needed to leave my daughter while I attended classes during the day. The White Library provided computers, printers, and quiet rooms for completing assignments, and Federal Work Study provided me the opportunity to learn workplace skills while I was in school without leaving the campus. I am truly grateful for Del Mar College, the staff and faculty, and the resources made available to students like me. As I graduate this week, I look forward to my bright future.

When I first attended Del Mar, I failed. I was young and wanted to have fun. Having a baby girl changed my attitude about college. I went from “not now” to “I must do this now!” Del Mar College gave me a second chance.

Ramona N. Diaz, Class of '15
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“The possibilities are limitless, and there is no better place to start out than Del Mar College.”