Katie Urias -

Mortgage Loan Officer, American Bank

I’ve said that knowing some acting helps me, and what also helps is that I look at my job as a puzzle. It is my job to help someone put together all the pieces of the lending process and come up with a complete package that works best for them. In the lending world, regulations change often so it forces me to stay alert and focused. Acting helps people to look at life in a new way. It also forces people to focus on what is happening now.

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Even though I have my MBA, I know that what I learned at Del Mar has been the most helpful across all the stages of my career path, especially my theater and acting classes. Really, when you have to put your best face forward and be professional no matter what else is happening in your life, knowing how to be authentic in the face of obstacles is really important! I learned how to reach deep inside myself and bring it forward in my acting classes. And I learned it through humor, good times, and tough lessons.

Katie Urias, Class of '05
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“Acting helps people to look at life in a new way.”